Great End of the Season

Last weekend the all four Bearcats teams played their final regular season games. Although the record for the 2016-2017 season was not incredible, every team ended off very strong.

Thursday had the Bearcats hosting the UFV Cascades at Columbia Place. This cross town rivalry brought out a large crowd. Women’s volleyball came up first but could not beat the Cascades and ended up losing 3 sets to 1. Although the game only went to 4 sets, the Bearcats put on quite a show coming out of the gates with a lot of power, taking the Cascades 25-12. However, they could not continue the momentum and fell 3 straight sets to the Cascades. Men’s volleyball had a harder time as they came up against the number 2 ranked Cascades. Although they lost in 3 straight sets the Bearcats put on quite a show giving some of the best plays Columbia Place had seen all season, including a great dig off Mark Goertzen’s face, another dig off Curtis Stelzer’s foot and a huge off the block kill from Ben Smith who hit the ball straight off the setters head and into the rafters.

Friday the basketball teams took on the VIU Mariners. The CBC crowd that came out on Thursday returned on Friday to give the Bearcats as much support as possible. Although both teams fell to the Mariners they were two great games.

Saturday showed some of the best basketball Columbia Place had seen all season. The games started out by honouring our Senior Athletes Mandy van Delden and Vanessa Funk who have played with the Bearcats through all 5 years of their eligibility. This lead to a great game by both girls against the Camosun Chargers. While Vanessa only scored 7 points for the game, she lead her team through an amazing game with 4 rebounds and 6 assists. Although the stat numbers seem low, Vanessa had a great game in leading the Bearcats in her last game as a player and captain. Mandy van Delden had the best game of her career as she put up 34 points for the game. Mandy shot 12 for 21 in field goal range, 4 for 6 outside the 3 point line, and 6 for 7 on the free throw line. Mandy also finished the game with 6 steals and 6 assists. Although the Bearcats fell to the Chargers 79-74, it was by far the best game of their season and definitely did not feel like a loss. Men’s basketball saw a great game against the Chargers.
Elijah Calhoun and Umbori Watson both put up 22 points a piece and 1st year Michael Olive had a great game putting up 20 points of his own. The men went to own the entire game and had their first win of the season. They beat the Chargers 99-88.

Saturday and the Bearcats season ended with volleyball at UFV where the women fell to the Cascades in the first two set, but came back in the 3rd to win the set as well as the 4th. The women couldn’t quite push through the 5th set and lost to the Cascades 3 sets to 2. But the game was one to remember as the girls had quite a few great plays that kept them within reach of the win. The men had their last game and Ethan Larsen had his first start as Libero. Although the Cascades took the game 3-0, the Bearcats fought with all they had and left nothing on the court for the last games. The CBC crowd also put some spirit into the end of the season as a large crowd followed the teams to UFV to cheer on their Bearcats in their final games of the season.

Now the season is over and the coaches and teams are gearing up for next year. Stay tuned for more announcements and events happening with Columbia Bible College Athletics.

Bearcat Spotlight

Alexa Eger

Volleyball – #7 – Setter – Kelowna, BC

Program: Caregiving and Counselling

Year: 1

What does being a Bearcat mean to you?

Being a Bearcat has meant being a part of not just a team, but a family! The Bearcats have also taught me what it means to work your hardest physically and mentally. I have LOVED being a Bearcat and having a massive support system on and off the court.

What are your plans after CBC?

As of right not I have lots of options up in the air, but I am confident for what the future will bring and the decisions I will make. Whether that means being back at CBC for another year or going a different direction.

What is your funniest memory from being a Bearcat?

The most recent memory I have is from a couple of weeks ago when we went to the island. We had to get lunch before our game, so we decided to go to Red Robins. Becky was confident and in charge of getting us there and led the way. We were walking in a neighbourhood and Becky said we were almost there and said it was the next street on the left. The street was called Robin’s Street. Becca and I looked at each other and knew something wasn’t right so I looked up Red Robins Restaurant on my phone and the closest restaurant was a 21 day walk away. Long story short, make sure to double and triple check when Becky is in charge of directions.


Mark Goertzen

Volleyball – #3 – Outside Hitter – Richmond, BC

Program: General Studies

Year: 1

What does being a Bearcat mean to you?

It means commitment to the team and the sport and representing our school on and off the court.

What are your plans after CBC?

I am hoping to pursue nursing at UFV after CBC. However, I might do a bit of work and travelling first.

What is your funniest memory from being a Bearcat?

Getting hit in the face by a ball during a rally at Capilano was pretty great.

Bearcats Away

This weekend all four teams hit the road to play some away games.

Both volleyball teams take a road trip to Cranbrook to take on the College of the Rockies Avalanche. Women’s volleyball are on the cusp of losing out in a playoff spot this year. The girls need to win all four more of their games to remain in contention for the spot. Men on the other hand have lost out on their chance for provincials this year and are simply hoping for their first win of the season. You can catch the games online on Friday at 5pm and 7pm PST and Saturday at 12pm and 2 pm PST at

The basketball teams head out tonight to Capilano to take on the Blues and Saturday they head to New Westminster to take on the Douglas College Royals. Both Bearcats basketball teams are still in the running but the window is closing fast for them to make a playoff spots this year. The Bearcats are hoping to clinch their first season win this weekend to take them into their 4 game final stretch at home. You can catch the game tonight at 6pm and 8pm at and on Saturday at 5pm and 7pm at

Next week Bearcats basketball will be hosting the Langara Falcons on February 10 and the Quest Kermodes on February 11 at Columbia Place.

Keep up your support of the Bearcats as they enter into the home stretch of the season.

Playoff Crunch

This weekend is very important for all four Bearcats teams.

With the playoffs around the corner the Bearcats are feeling the crunch to put more wins under their belts in order to make the playoff berth.

For women’s volleyball this weekend puts them up against the Camosun College Chargers. In the PACWEST rankings the Bearcats are only 4 points behind the Chargers for the final playoff spot. With a sweep of the weekend the women’s volleyball team can tie the rankings up with Camosun and keep themselves in the running to enter the playoffs this year.

There is still hope for men’s volleyball, but it is an even harder road for them to make playoffs. men’s volleyball Bearcats need to win every game from now until the end of the season to have a chance at a playoff spot.

Men’s and women’s basketball travel to the island this weekend to take on the Chargers at home and then the VIU Mariners on Saturday. Both teams have been unable to pull out a win so far this season. However, with a second half push both teams can still make playoffs by getting some wins under their belts.

The pressure is mounting for the Bearcats to bring home some wins with the end of the season looming. Come out and support your Bearcats at Columbia Place this weekend. Games against the Chargers are Friday at 6pm and 8pm and Saturday at 1pm and 3pm.

Bearcat Spotlight

Rebecca Garner

Volleyball – #3 – Outside Hitter – Surrey, BC

Program: General Studies

Year: 2

What does being a Bearcat mean to you?

Being a Bearcat means so much to me! It means sharing God’s love through sport while fiercely competing. It’s all about having good character while battling to the fullest. Acting out a Christ-centered and tenaciously competitive attitude on a day to day basis, in practice, and in games. Being a Bearcat has taught me characteristics not just for my sport, but for life.

What are your plans after CBC?

After all of my schooling, I plan to be a teacher! I am hoping to teach grades 5, 6, or 7. Seeing as I will be working in a school, my goal would also be to coach a volleyball team!

What is your funniest memory from being a Bearcat?

In one of our pre-season games, I got a very nice set to me when I was in the back row. I optimistically went to attack it and hit the ball so hard, straight down…on our side! There was a lot of laughter from the whole crowd and the team. This was easily one of my funniest moments as a Bearcat.

Elijah Blu Calhoun

Basketball – #7 – Guard – Brooklyn, NY

Program: Caregiving and Counselling

Year: 4

What does being a Bearcat mean to you?

Being a Bearcat means working hard on and off the court. Competing tenaciously and leaving everything you have on the floor for everyone to see. All while maintaining the values we live by.

What are your plans after CBC?

To pursue a career in professional basketball and to take care of my family.

What is your best memory from being a Bearcat?

My best memory as a Bearcat is the day I connected with the Athletic Director, coaches, teachers, and students on campus. Those connections have helped me foster relationships that I believe will last far after I graduate and leave this school.

This weekend the Bearcats basketball teams get a rest while the Volleyball teams head to the island to take on the VIU Mariners on Friday and Saturday. Watch them at

Hard Fought Weekend

Women’s volleyball had the hardest time on Friday as the fell 3 straight sets to the Douglas College Royals. The Bearcats came out looking alive in the first and almost took the set, but Douglas ended up taking it and the ladies just couldn’t take back the momentum that the Royals got from the first set.

Men’s volleyball started out on Friday against the Royals having quite a bit of difficulty in the first two sets. But in the third they struggled back from a deficit and ended up taking the set. The third set win propelled them to a huge set in the fourth forcing the fifth set against Douglas. Unfortunately the Bearcats just couldn’t finish it and ended up losing the fifth set and the game.

Women’s basketball had a good game on Friday as they were away in Squamish taking on the Quest Kermodes. Although they did not pull out a win, they kept the game within 8 points and fell to the Kermodes 59-51.

Men’s Basketball had a similar game as the Women. Only falling to the Kermodes by 7 points. Before the half the Bearcats looked quite good, but just couldn’t pull it out in the second half and fell to Quest 74-67.

Saturday was a harder day for the teams, both volleyball teams fell in 4 sets and both basketball had a hard time against Langara.

This week basketball gets a rest as they have their bye week and our volleyball teams head for the island to take on the VIU Mariners. You can watch them play on Friday and Saturday at

Important Weekend Coming Up For Our Teams

After a tough start to the second semester our volleyball teams are back at home taking on the Douglas College Royals. This is the first time we take on Douglas since the beginning of the season where both men’s and women’s team could not quite pull out a win against the Royals. This time we take them on at home and hope for some good news.

The women take on the Royals who are ranked second with a 10-3 record this season. The last time our Bearcats took on the Royals we lost in 3 sets and then 4. We hope to change that around this week. With the leadership of Karah Kostamo, Rebecca Garner, and Jodi Enns, the Bearcats hope to show the Royals a new team this semester with a big win this weekend.

The last time our men took on the Royals they lost in 5 sets and then 4. The Royals currently sit in 5th with a 5-8 record for the season. The men’s team is desperate to get some wins under their belt with the hope of making provincials becoming a harder dream to catch now with the end of the season looming. So come on out and support your men’s volleyball team as they hope to put a bad start to the season behind them.

Men’s and Women’s basketball will be away this weekend at Quest and Langara hoping also to capture their first wins this season.

Tough Weekend for the Bearcats

As the Bearcats came back from the break we were ready to take on any challenger. The weekend turned out to be tougher than anticipated.

Both basketball teams started out taking on the Douglas College Royals, but both were unable to capitalize on the energy brought from the holiday. With the women falling 83-30 and men coming up short 86-57 on Thursday. On Saturday the women had just as hard of a time against the undefeated Capilano Blues where they fell 85-45. Although our women showed some life in the first half keeping the gap in the score to a minimum, they just couldn’t pull it out in the second half and ended up losing the game. On the men’s side of things the game stayed intense through all four quarters of play, but in the end the Bearcats couldn’t quite pull out the win and lost 70-59.

Both volleyball teams took on the Capilano Blues on Friday at home and then again on Saturday at Capilano. On Friday both teams played hard, but were unable to come up with the win and fell 3-1 consecutively. On Saturday, our teams played at Capilano. The women although fighting in the third set fell to the Blues, 3-0. The men also had a hard time and fell 3-0.

We can definitely see a fire under the Bearcats burning as the desire for a win increases each game. We’re hoping to see each team bring home some more W’s and achieve their goals of making the playoffs this year. Each coach, player, and fan is hopeful for their Bearcats to see some victories in the near future.

Bearcats Start Off the New Year

As we enter into the new year of 2017 the Bearcats get going right off the start.

This weekend we have a three day game line-up.

On Thursday we host the Douglas College Royals as our basketball team takes them on for a second time this season. Women’s basketball are looking to come back from their 97-36 loss against the Royals back in November. Our Women’s BB Bearcats are looking quite good for the second half of the season with the return of guard, Mandy Van Delden. With the addition of Mandy will come a very experienced and talented player so we look forward to what she will bring to the team on the court for the rest of the season.

Our Men’s Basketball Bearcats know they own the stats sheet when it comes to rebounds and steals, but our shot percentage took quite a hit in the 2016 half of the season. The Bearcats will come from the break after working hard to increase that percentage significantly. As well Mitch Krahn is expected to return to the court. Mitch had a great year last year and looks forward to bring his talents back to the Bearcats game. The last time our guys took on the Royals they came from behind to bring the game within one point in the last 2 minutes but fell to the Royals 55-48 in the end. Our men intend to change that in the New Year.

On Friday our Volleyball teams will come up against the Capilano Blues from North Vancouver. Our Women’s Volleyball team finished the 2016 half of the season with a great win against the College of the Rockies Avalanche. The team looks to carry that momentum with them in to the New Year. The last weekend they took on the Royals it was a hard battle our ladies fell to the Blues in both of our games against them. But we will see some new life come in to our team as we head into 2017.

The last time our Men took on the Royals we came close to beating them in their home gym by coming back and pushing the game to 5 sets but in the end were not able to pull out the win. The Men’s Volleyball Bearcats have been working hard over the break to show that they are a team to be reckoned with. We will see a very tenacious team coming into 2017.

The weekend will wrap up with another basketball night as the Bearcats take on the Capilano Blues basketball teams both women’s and men’s team ranked number 1 in the PACWEST. We have high hopes for some big wins for our Bearcats coming into 2017 and we expect it to start with some big wins against these teams.

So come on out to the games this weekend and cheer on your Bearcats!

Thursday’s and Friday’s Games – Women’s @ 6pm & Men’s @ 8pm

Saturday’s Games – Women’s @ 5pm & Men’s @ 7pm



Men’s Volleyball Signs Two For 2017-18 Season

Ian Regier:

Coach Jason Warkentin and the Men’s Volleyball program are pleased to announce the signing of Ian Regier, a 6’0 outside hitter from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Ian was a standout player at Calvin Christian High School, winning AAA provincials once and placing third another year and receiving multiple player of the game awards in the process. He also was a member of the 204 club volleyball team which placed 5th at U-17 Nationals this past year.

In regards to choosing CBC, Ian reflects, “Being able to attend Columbia Bible College will not only have a very positive influence on my journey with Christ but will also have a significant impact on my volleyball career. The volleyball team at Columbia Bible College appears to be a team that values each of its players, along with thoroughly understanding that there is a time and a place to have fun but also a time to be serious as well as focused. I am thrilled to have this opportunity and I look forward to being able to deliver anything that is needed to the Bearcats team.”

Coach Warkentin observes, “Ian is an extremely athletic and committed athlete. One of the things that immediately stands out as you watch him play is his ability to score in a variety of ways. His athleticism allows him to be quite dynamic in all areas of the court. He also understands his strengths and growth areas very well, a mark of a mature athlete. We are excited about the competitive, winning mindset he will bring to our program.”

Quin Reimer:

CBC Men’s Volleyball would also like to announce the signing of Quin Reimer a 5’11 versatile player from Prince George, BC. Quin has played an important leadership role on a variety of teams, transitioning from libero to setter and outside hitter positions. He is a product of the Prince George Kodiaks Club program.

Quin notes, “I chose CBC because they have sound biblical teaching and a good worship program that focuses on theology. I am looking forward to playing volleyball with a group of good Christian guys and growing in relationship with Jesus.”

“I have watched Quin play a bit over the past year and am impressed with his desire to learn and get better,” notes head coach Jason Warkentin. “There will definitely be a learning curve for him as he enters the college level, but his leadership gifts and commitment to excellence provide him with a good foundation to make the necessary steps towards becoming a strong player in the PacWest.”