Don’t Go Home Too Soon : 5 Tips for an Amazing Commuter Experience

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Commuters Brittany and Kirstyn

Being a part of the Columbia community has been a HUGE blessing! When you’re commuter, it can be tempting to head off-campus after class without really engaging, so from two commuters – here are some tips and stories about getting involved!

Who’s Writing to You?


Hey there! I have been a Commuter Host for two years and I am graduating this month with two diplomas: Biblical Studies and Youth Work. Being a third-year student, I spent my first year being a “fake” resident, I didn’t even step foot into the commuter lounge! As I became a commuter host, I went from introverted to extroverted and was able to have community with both commuters and residents .


Hello! I’m a third-year commuter in Bib Studs – graduating this year! Over the last few years I’ve been here, I’ve been welcomed into an amazing community, especially once joining student leadership as a Commuter Host. Taking the time and stepping out to make relationships is so worthwhile!

5 Tips!

1. Be Intentional:

It’s so important to make the decision to be present! Being a commuter, we have the benefit of the Commuter Lounge to hang out in, and choosing to stay and do homework or just spend time in the “Clounge” is a great way to get into community – you won’t go unnoticed here, that’s for sure! You’re not tied to the Clounge either, have lunch in the Cafeteria or check out the rec room!

2. Attend Events:

Commit to attending events! Commuter lunches are great times to connect with people (plus free food eyyy) and there are weekly Chapels and Vespers. For us going to Vespers and hanging out after at Holy Grounds was huge in making meaningful connections (there’s no going back on those crazy late night conversations)! Those ‘up-till-1am-nights’ make the best memories, and as commuters who don’t have to stay on campus, choosing to stay in community to the wee hours are huge bonding times! There have been many a dancing with commuter blankets in those study sessions!

3. Connect with Profs:

While getting to know the student body is huge, one of the amazing parts of the CBC community is getting to know the Profs! “You too can get adopted by Jerry Pauls…but back off” –Direct quote from Kirstyn Skelley. They love having coffee with students, and why pass that up? These profs have poured so much wisdom and care into our lives, and we highly recommend getting to know them!

4. Get Vulnerable:

I know I know, you’re flinching at just the word, but being open and willing to step into the uncomfortable makes way for so much personal and relational growth! As a high key introvert, it’s my (Britt) tendency to stay quiet, but take it from me once you step out, there will be people to receive you! For me (Kirstyn), taking that uncomfortable step of being vulnerable, I am leaving CBC with deep-rooted friendships. These are friends (who I call my core four), that I will be able to walk alongside for many years to come. Don’t be afraid to show your colour of crazy! A part of this is also getting in the mindset of being an encourager- letting people know when they’re awesome, even making people encouragement cards is something people have gotten into doing which is so cool.

Commuter Hosts - Goofy

5. Get Involved in Leadership:

For both of us, becoming Commuter Hosts was one of the most significant choices that got us invested in the community! We get to be part of a team (of incredible people), and are accountable to be devoted to the commuters (accountability- there’s a bonus tip for ya)! We would encourage you to join leadership, or to serve those around you in whatever capacity you can- it is so valuable!

Now you know all the secrets, no excuses, get out there and see how beautiful this community can be (especially now that you’re in it 😉 !