Changed Lives – Changing History

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Imbenzi George 4x6 5801Imbenzi George is a world changer. He currently serves as a diplomat for the Kenyan government to Western Canada and the Executive Director of Myert Corp Inc., a global human resource and international development company. He is also a graduate of Columbia Bible College.

Imbenzi grew up in Kenya, in a religious home where his parents were Quakers. “I went to church because I had to. Coming to Columbia changed that for me. My faith and relationship with Jesus became personal and I developed the foundations of what it meant to be a Christian in the workplace.”

[pullquote]Coming to Columbia wasn’t about becoming a good Christian, it was about becoming a global changer, 28 years later.[/pullquote]

“I look at my work now as a diplomat, having served in very hot spots around the world. I sometimes ask myself how can I be a civilian and be tied to military organizations around the world and remain Anabaptist and remain a Mennonite? This is where the foundations were born for me. Columbia Bible Institute helped me to develop a path to actually becoming an active Christian, a young businessman in the marketplace, by understanding, this is what it means to be a person of peace. This is what it means to effect change in a global setting.”

“I look back and see that my wife and I have run a very successful company; we work in the global state, we’ve got 80 employees, and it has become so easy to forget, just like the Corinthians did. But every time I get to that place, I remember the words of Ron Voth (a current professor at CBC). When he talked about the Corinthians, he reminded us of a people that had been slaves who had forgotten where they had come from.”

“God was calling me to something much bigger than I thought. You might think you are just coming to Columbia for a year, but let God do His thing in your life. Columbia is an exciting place with the resident life and the classes. When you attend university there are hundreds of students in a class but at Columbia the classes are smaller allowing for in depth dialogue with the professors. You get to do exciting things such as going on local or overseas missions trips. I’ve seen young men and women who become so pumped – so excited at what God is doing in their lives. Because Columbia was able to have an impact in my life I know that it is a place that can have incredible impact in the lives of young people today.”

Imbenzi George is an alumnus of Columbia Bible Institute (1984 – 1987). This article first appeared in the Spring 2012 issue of the Columbia Contact. Read the current issue here.