Christ-Centered Community: How It Looks at Columbia

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One of our big prayers at Columbia is that everyone on this campus will engage in Christ-centered community. But what does “Christ-centered community” look like? How are students experiencing it in the day-to-day of school life? We asked students to describe it in their own words, and to share some of the ways they’re living it out.

How do you define ‘Christ-centered Community?’

Talking, Thinking, Acting Like Jesus

“A gathering of people focused on reflecting and following Jesus in thought, word, and action.”

“A place that acts, looks, sounds and IS like Christ. A place that focuses on Christ’s teachings and who He is.”

“A group of people that together strive to emulate the life and teachings of Christ and follow his word.”

“A community who strives after Christ in the way they speak, act, and relate. He is the main focus.”

“Living out the teachings and actions of Christ not just in our personal time but with intention to grow your community around you. Not just living your life for Christ, but as Christ.”

“A group of Christians that strives to become more like Jesus, encouraging one another in the process. That everything they do would reflect the character and commands of Jesus.”


A Community That’s Full of Grace

“A community which supports one another and keeps one another accountable. Seeking the outcasts and drawing them out. Helping one another in times of struggle.”

“A safe environment where I can explore and find the grace of God within the people around.”

“A community that lives in accordance with the gospels. This means living with grace for others, loving each other and being real.”

“A community that cares about each other’s hurts and struggles as well as their relationship with God. They push each other towards Christs as well as lifting them up in prayer and encouraging them.”

“Meaningful conversation. Prayer for each other. Generosity and sacrifice.”


A Community That Reaches Out

“People being together, worshipping Jesus, going out into the community, living relationally, sharing Jesus, being on other people’s turf beyond what it comfortable for us, living righteously.”

“Sharing the love of God to each other, building each other up when we are at our lows and highs. Being equipped to leave the Christian ‘bubble’ and to live and love a community of non-believers.”

“What are some ways you’ve experienced Christ-centered community at Columbia?


In My Studies

“Studying or doing research in the library is a big one. Interacting with what we research and discussing it is the biggest way I experience Christ in community.”

“The teaching style is Christ-centered and –focused, which I really appreciate.”

“Meaningful conversations about life decisions and theological questions.”


In Friendships

“In dorm and with resident leaders, I have felt supported and heard. I have also experienced this type of community in classes.”

“The people I hang out with show love, grace, and are very real in how they interact and do life together.”

“Anywhere there is a gathering of students (cafeteria, student lounge, Vespers, chapel, unit meetings)”


In Spiritual Care, Prayer, Worship

“People praying for me in ways I could never pray. Accountability in not only my journey with Christ but with my walk with others as well.”

“Weekly prayer group. Events raising funds for ministries. Chapel worship, with story-sharing, communal prayer, singing, and messages.”

“People talking about God in order to know Him better and become more like Him. People praying for and with each other.”


In My Struggles and Questions

“Having fellow leaders come alongside in times of struggle. Feeling that people were looking out for me and being intentional, especially when first coming to CBC.”

“Close friends that have prayed for me and with me. They know my struggles and care about me.”

“I love knowing I can count on people for conversation, support, and acceptance that’s rooted in Christ. It provides a safe and healthy environment for growth.”

“In the openness to love and accept everyone despite their struggles, beliefs, or ways of life.”

“I have people around me supporting me, encouraging me, and challenging me.”

“Asking deep theological questions without feeling left out or alone.”


 Through Faculty & Staff

“Everyone here looks like Christ. The way people treat others reflects Christ greatly.”

“Through the profs and their genuine example of how to live as Christ.”

“Having one-on-one conversations with teachers who invest in your journey.”