Columbia Top 5: Coffee Shops

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Photo by Jayme Ann Photography

When it’s cold and damp outside, there’s nothing like wrapping your hands around a warm mug while you tackle your homework. Have you noticed that work feels less like work when you’re doing it in a coffee shop?  Weird but true.  Lucky for us, Abbotsford loves its coffee shops.  We’ve rounded up our five favourite close to Columbia’s campus.  Make sure you check them out!


Old Hand Bakery & Café.  [31962 South Fraser Way] Oldhand is a short walk from campus and one of the newest coffee shops in Abbotsford. It’s run by a young couple who are deeply invested in the community and deeply invested in brewing great coffee. Oldhand offers baked goods made with care and a great atmosphere to hang out in. Plus students get a 10% discount!



Sippchai Café.  [201-31205 Maclure Rd] Just a 15-minute walk from campus, SippChai has great tea (like chai, obviously), coffee, and even milkshakes! The atmosphere is quiet and warm, making it a perfect place to hunker down and get homework done or relax with a friend. The owner of Sippchai is super friendly, and students get a 10% discount (25% if you bring someone who’s never been before)!



Afterthoughts.  [190-32500 S Fraser WayAfterthoughts is a 15-minute walk from campus. If you love cheesecake, Afterthoughts is the place for you! Coffee and tea are also available, but when I go there, it’s mainly to try out their desserts. It’s usually pretty busy in the evenings, and it has a great reputation in the community. Students also get 10% off here!



Sumas Mountain Coffee Company.  [1A-32750 George Ferguson Way] Again, only about a 20-minute walk from campus! Sumas prides itself on roasting their coffee beans onsite, which is pretty cool. So you can go there to stock up on coffee beans for your dorm room, or you can stay and hang out in their bright and friendly café. My favourite thing to get there is the Red Velvet Latte!



Duft & Co. Bakehouse.  [103-2636 Montrose Ave] Duft & Co. has good Americanos and espresso drinks, but the real draw is the bakery. They are making a huge impact in our community with their freshly-baked pastries, cookies, scones, and, my personal favourite, croissants. Seriously, you have to try the croissants. This one’s a 10-minute drive from campus, but it’s definitely worth the visit!

With special thanks to Ashley Funk, Columbia alum, Admissions Advisor, and coffee-shop expert.