Cultivated by Columbia -Emma van Kuik

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“You are going to love it there”, everyone exclaimed to me. They were not wrong! Coming to Columbia Bible College was a huge step for me. Being from a couple provinces away brought new challenges, such as being away from my family for the first time. However, at CBC there are so many people going through the same thing. I found others that supported me through the process and I have made lifelong friendships with them.

Truly every person who has attended CBC will tell you about the amazing community that is created here. There are so many great people here who make this a loving inclusive place and there are so many ways to get involved. From my experience, by the end of the year I was able to recognize most of the students and staff and even know their names. I know that for each student, I was able to greet them at least once or even share a short conversation. This goes to show how Columbia has an environment of openness, where students are able to interact with ease and where you can be cultivated by the community.

In my first year at CBC I had the cool opportunity of being part of an athletics team. I was able to connect with other athletes who loved their sport and integrated their faith into how they played the sport. It truly was a cool thing to witness. I loved being able to relate with others who devoted so much time to the Lord and also spent time playing their competitive, Christ-centered sport. I was able to join in the Bearcat mission: developing Christ-centered student athletes by helping them to grow in faith, character, leadership, and athletic and academic ability. The athletics department also encouraged us to make a positive contribution in the local community through volunteer opportunities which was very rewarding.

Now, being in my second year at CBC, I have had the chance to reflect more on my last year. It is so interesting to see how much I have grown from my first day to now. I see the amount of improvement that has happened within me not only in my walk of faith, but also in who I am as a person. This experience has prepared me for my future, and I am so thankful for the community that has guided me.

At Columbia Bible College, it doesn’t matter where you are on your faith walk, or where you are in your journey of life, everyone here will welcome you as you are. It is a place where you will grow and be nurtured. You will find that you learn many things that you can apply to your life. Here you will find direction, explore your calling, grow in your faith, become a part of the Christ-centered community, find courage to face the future, be transformed, and overall be cultivated by Columbia.