Diving In (My First Week in QUEST)

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Sarah just started QUEST and gave us permission to re-post her blog and photos here. More photos and the original post can be found at https://saraheheyde.wordpress.com/

Well, here I am, at college! What a busy (but very fun) past few days it has been. Let me fill you in…

On Monday (our first full day) we had Orientation. We were all assigned to a smaller “O-group” led by a CBC student who took us around campus and showed us the ropes. We learned how to print, where the library is, where our classrooms are, and all those important things. It was very interesting and super fun, if maybe a little overwhelming. That evening we had our first unit meeting. The girls dorms are split into “pods” made up by two double rooms, one single room, toilet, and shower. A unit is made up of two pods (just across the hall from one another). The unit meetings are lead by the unit’s RL (Resident Leader). She is a 2nd year student who is kind of our go-to person if we have any questions about college or dorm life! In our meeting we just went over some rules and got to know the other girls in our unit. Unit meetings take place every Monday night, sort of like a church Small Group. I’m excited to get to know the girls in my unit better over the next year!

Tuesday we had our first full day of classes! The rest of the school had their regular classes, but being in the Quest program, we do things a little differently and we don’t start our regular classes until the following Monday, so on Tuesday we had an orientation to Quest, a class on Leave No Trace, and an orientation to our Service Practicum. In the afternoon we learned about all the gear that we will need on our trips, then took a walk down to Value Village to see if we could snag some deals! In the evening, the campus’s worship band, Vespers, played some worship songs for us to sing to, which was enjoyable.

Wednesday morning we took a trip into town to do some more gear shopping at a couple outdoor equipment stores. After lunch, we all headed down to A Rocha. Basically what A Rocha does is educate people on the environment and show them that God appointed us stewards of the earth and so we need to care for it. There are a few families who live on the property who take care of it and grow veggies in their garden. It also acts as a conservation area for endangered species. We did few different things there; I was in the group that was weeding the garden. It was drizzling that day, so we all got a little wet, but that almost made it more fun! After we finished helping out, we all got to make our own pizzas with some of the food from their garden and cook them in their COB OVEN!! I really want to make my own cob oven, so that was really exciting for me. I had a great time there and hope to come back sometime!

So TODAY we took a day trip out to Pitt Lake! We drove over there and all got into canoes and paddled and hour or so to a trail, then hiked up to some falls. I few of us (not me) went cliff jumping. It was such a beautiful location.

img_8039 img_8035 img_8050

We then hiked back down, and came across a fire-bellied newt!

img_8067 img_8064

We got to our canoes and paddled back. It was a truly perfect day…

img_8077 img_8073 img_8072 img_8071

That’s it for now! Tomorrow and Saturday we have an Emergency Response Course. I am hoping to keep you updated at least once a week, maybe more. Until then, email or write to me anytime! I’d love to hear form you