“I Am” by Amy Van Bergen

Categories: For the Soul

I Am

Be still and know that I am God
Shhh… it’s ok… I’m here
I’m here… holding you…
An arm across your back
My hand cradling your head
You are supported now
Be limp. I’ve got you.
Be the scarecrow you are scared to become
I’ll catch you

I won’t tell anyone. I won’t even look
If it makes you feel better
Baby steps… no rush…
No prying… no questions
For now, we cry
We hug
We hold each other in the eye of the storm
Be still.

Breathe in. It smells like rain here
Like vanilla
Caramelized onions, cornbread
Breathe me in. Fir trees and furniture stain
I am here
To comfort you

Breathe out.
Release yourself… no tension…
no need… no strain
You are designed to withstand fluctuation
You will recover from this
I have wanted to cover you in my arms
For some time now
Thank you for coming home
I missed you.
Let me kiss your forehead, dry your tears
When you’re ready
Only when you’re ready
No rush… take my time
It is my gift to you that we can share
Together if you want to
Be still and let me gently remind you
Who I am

I am.

I am the one leaving you notes of
Encouragement in your favourite songs
The ones you write and the ones you won’t
I am the one wrapping you in warm
Blankets on rainy “alone time” days
I am the one jumping up and down for joy
When you’re killin’ it onstage
I am the one tearing up at your graduation

I cheer you on when you take a test
Or try something new
I am sending you handwritten love letters
In the words of your friends
I envelope you in tranquility every time
You walk into a library or a forest,
Whispering to the silence
You think you are alone in

I am the one giving you ideas when you
“What should I paint? Draw? Play? Write?
I love it when you ask
When I have someone to be artsy with
Such a blessing every time
We’re together

I am the one who is
Joyfully, painfully, wonderfully
And all other kinds of
In love
With you.

With you.
God with you.

I am.

I am with you.
Here… Now… There… Then
I am with you.
Am… was… are… will be…
With you.

Shhh… it’s ok…
Everyone forgets to call their mother
From time to time
I’ve made a pretty distracting world
I understand and I’m glad
You’re enjoying it
Can we enjoy it together?

It’s a big question, I know
No rush… hush…
Sleep on it. I’ll wait.
I’ve got nowhere else to be
No place I’d rather be than here holding you

Shhh… it’s ok now… I’m here
Breathe in
Breathe out
Be still
And know
That I am