Intercultural Studies Internship – Reflections on Living in Thailand

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Kevin Atsma is in his 3rd year of study at Columbia.  He is currently living in Thailand while on his Intercultural Studies cross-cultural internship.  Kevin is based in Chachoengsao along with his MB Mission TREK team.



It has been an incredible journey thus far in Thailand, so here is an update on what’s been happening the past month!


It has been a privilege to be a part of the baptisms of some of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ here in Thailand. In total, we witnessed five people baptized into Christ family this month and they were able to share their testimonies with those who do not yet know Christ. Let’s hope and pray for more of these celebrations to take place this year!

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Phanit Nahkom “The Garden of Eden Farm”

My Trek team and I had the opportunity to go to Phanit Nahkom and work on a farm. For five days we got our hands in the dirt, put up fences, dug holes, cut grass, etc. The pastor who owns the farm calls it “The Garden of Eden.”  He was pleased to have us play a part in farm, church, and family life. It is a joy to see God provide for the needs of this faithful family and church. Their passion to share God’s word is inspiring. Not only does this family use the farm as a retreat centre, they also broadcast Christian music and the message of the Gospel over the radio. Always looking to share their faith, there is nothing stopping the Gospel when it comes to this family and their church. Pray that their passion ignites all over Thailand! Also pray for God to continue to bless this family. It has encouraged our TREK team to have faith within our own ministry involvements back in Chachoengsao.

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Hua Hin

We took a little adventure down south to visit a school in the mountains. Our desire was to be a light for the people there. After a long overnight drive, it was a challenge to stay awake during the events at the school, yet we pulled it together and performed a Drime (wordless drama telling the Gospel story).  After the performance everyone was eager to understand what it meant. The Gospel was shared in the process. We hope that some seeds were planted and one day some fruit will grow. Please pray that seeds may be cultivated and grown for God’s kingdom.

My Spiritual Journey

God has continued to challenge me to express my heart and draw near to Him. The Lord is transforming me and teaching me more about what it means to follow Him. God is also revealing power of grace and challenging me to be vulnerable with my team. Thank you everyone who is supporting me on this journey.