“May our thank you be…”

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Awards Dessert 2

Every year, Columbia Bible College hosts an Awards Dessert Evening.  It’s a special night, for several reasons.

For one thing, it’s a chance to get all dressed up.

Awards Dessert 6

Awards Dessert 5

And there are cupcakes.

Awards Dessert 3


But the best part is watching as Columbia’s students receive their scholarships and bursaries.

This past year, Columbia was able to provide over $324,000 in financial awards.  Many of the awards are funded not just by the college, but by generous individuals and families who want to make it possible for students to study here.

Awards Dessert 4

Julia McDougall had a huge smile as she received the Dr. Walter Unger Leadership Scholarship, presented to her by Dr. Unger himself.

Later, she stood and shared how much Dr. Unger’s generosity means to her as she pursues her degree in Worship Arts.

After sharing some of her story, Julia closed with a beautiful set of thank yous, for when words aren’t enough:

“I could not be here if it were not for generous people such as yourself coming alongside and believing in us as students. Believing that we can make a difference in our churches and community for the name of Christ. So how do we actually thank you for something such as that? Words are not enough.

So may our thank you be the 20 minutes that we spend talking to our professor after class about deep concepts that we are wrestling through.

May our thank you be in the confessions that we share to our Resident Leader or mentor, knowing that this is a safe place to be real.

May our thank you be in the stories we hear during Chapel about what God is doing in each other’s lives, remembering that our God is alive and active.

May our thank you be when students come up to us after we lead worship and share how the songs we sung led them to surrender completely to God for the first time.

May our thank you be when we walk across the stage at graduation, ready to continue to pursue the career that God has called us to.

May our thank you be the days spent in our offices with congregant members who are wrestling through their own questions, listening with open ears and feeling equipped to respond.

May our thank you be when we hold the hands of the oppressed, sick and needy across the world, passionately living out what we have learned in our intercultural studies classes.

May our thank you be when we stand at the top of the mountain in awe of God’s beauty, sharing with others how majestic our God really is.

May our thank you be the stomach ache we get from drinking endless amounts of slurpees with a youth who has never had a positive role model until we came along.

May our thank you be when we, too, are sitting in your seats here tonight donating our own funds to students that we too believe in and support.

I thank you, for you have made all of this possible. When our financial situation told us no, you came in and told us yes. You have been a faithful servant and an answer to our prayers. But most importantly, you have believed in us.

Thank you. ”