Meet Sarah: General Studies Diploma, Class of 2019

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Sarah R graduated from Columbia with her Diploma in General Studies and she’s now pursuing a Bachelor of Integrated Studies at University of the Fraser Valley. We asked her to share about her time at Columbia.

Highlights of your time at CBC?

Each year was so unique. Many of my greatest highlights were simply spending time with friends on campus. Some of the bigger events that stand out to me include going to Vancouver’s Eastside on a UMD (Urban Mission Dynamic) trip in my first year, as it opened my eyes to how God is at work there and softened my heart towards the city. I recently I had the opportunity to help lead a group on one of these trips! Another highlight was traveling with a group of students to New York City to see the sights, volunteer, and engage with the culture.

What made you pick your program?

I chose General Studies for its flexibility and transferability, knowing that I wanted to use the diploma as a stepping stone to further education. General Studies allowed me to deepen my biblical understanding while exploring a broad array of subjects, including literature, history, and the arts, which are where my passion lies, and subjects I would never have explored on my own, such as psychology, business, environmental studies, and much more. I am left with a growing appreciation for how faith integrates so seamlessly with all subjects and vocations.

What’s been a standout class and why?

Community Development was an especially impactful class that I took in my last semester, as it drew together so much of what I had learned in my other classes about God’s Kingdom and the purpose of community, while dramatically but gently shifting my concept of poverty. Questions we explored were: Why did Jesus come to earth? What does it truly mean to be Christ-like? What is the role of the church? What does justice entail? The emphasis was on the connection of theology and action, and I have already been able to practically apply what I have learned as I start working in a church.

How would you describe the CBC community?

Intentional. Whether in class, over lunch, or around campus, the faculty are available and want to build relationships with their students, which is something that I greatly appreciated and know is unique to CBC. There are also so many opportunities to build friendships, participate in planned events, and to have deep conversations with fellow students. Even as someone who is not in the middle of things, there were so many people who reached out to me and gave me the desire to do the same with others.

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