Near Campus: Cascade Falls Regional Park

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When you’re studying hard for finals or wracking your brains to come up with the perfect conclusion for your theology paper, it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole amazing world out there.

Columbia is close to all kinds of amazing places.  Case in point?  Cascade Falls Regional Park in Mission.  

If you have a few hours free, grab some friends (one of them needs to have a car), drive for 40 minutes or so, and… you’re there.

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When you’re on the way, you might notice this sign:


Cascade Falls Sign

But just ignore that.  For real.  The government closed the park temporarily while they made improvements, but they seem to have forgotten to fix the sign.

The park is definitely open.  You’ll see a big parking lot and even outhouses.  Also, a picnic area, so you might want to bring snacks and hang out by the rapids for a while.

There’s no gruelling hike when you get there, just a short, steep walk up a nice trail.

Then this:

Cascade Falls Bridge


And this….


Cascade Falls Waterfall

Go there in springtime.  With the winter melt and the spring rain, the waterfall is at its most stunning.

You’ll want to just stand there for a few minutes with your brain on pause.  Take it in.  Feel the icy spray on your face.  Pray.  Remember how big God is. Be refreshed.

(This is a better study break than Netflix.)

What about you?  What beautiful spots have you discovered near campus?

Comment below, and maybe we’ll feature your place in an upcoming post.