Puppy Therapy at Columbia!

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Tolu Oju, Jordan Fargo, and Briar Van Driel

Today, Columbia Bible College students had the opportunity to enjoy Puppy Therapy.

Yes.  This really happened.  We have pictures of the cuteness.  See?

Jessica Dingman

Puppy Therapy was Claire Weiss’ idea.  (She is the Counselling Services Supervisor at Columbia.)  “They’re admittedly adorable,” Claire says.  “But also, research on animal-assisted therapy has shown that interaction with animals has a really calming effect on your physiology. So it’s really good stress relief, and improves your focus. When you go back to studying for exams, you’re more engaged.”



Dozens of students signed up for fifteen-minute sessions with the litter of friendly miniature schnauzer puppies, generously lent to Columbia by local dog breeder Catherine Betts of My Schnauzers.

The puppies were a big hit as they happily cuddled, played with (and even occasionally peed on) the students.

Puppy Therapy is just one of the resources available through the Counselling Services Department at Columbia.

Students at Columbia are also welcome to sign up for weekly drop-in support groups for anxiety and for depression,  as well as lunchtime workshops on dealing with grief, establishing healthy boundaries in relationships, and coping with stress.

Students also have access to one-on-one confidential counselling sessions for just $12 per session.