Rachael’s Story: From Columbia to UFV’s BBA Program to Switzerland

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We had the chance to catch up with Rachael Henderson Konzelmann, who graduated from Quest with the class of 2014, then returned to Columbia to complete courses in the LEAD certificate (which later developed into the Applied Leadership program). We asked Rachael about her transition to University of the Fraser Valley, and how Columbia helped prepare her to pursue her calling as an accountant.

 Tell us about your Columbia journey. How did your time at Columbia shape who you are?

Well, first of all I met my husband here so that will shape me for the rest of my life! Ha ha. But my time at Columbia also gave me a firm foundation  for who I am and for my relationship with God. As well as it taught me how to build community and how important it is to create that intentionally after you are move on from a school like CBC where community is all around you.

How did your Columbia business classes influence your sense of calling?

During my year of doing the LEAD program I felt pretty lost with what I wanted to do with a career. I chose the business side of LEAD instead of doing the semester to Costa Rica so during my second semester of LEAD I took three business classes with Kurtis Kube. Through doing the accounting class I realized that I really enjoyed it and that is what sparked my interest in business.  Now I am at UFV getting my Bachelor in Business Administration with a major in accounting.

What did you appreciate most about your business courses at Columbia?

I really appreciated that biblical spin on business that Kurtis would put into our lectures. It is really neat to look at business like the rest of the world does and then to see how as a Christian we can be a light in that world of business.

Rachael canoeing Lake Chilliwack with Quest in 2014

How was your transition to UFV?

Af first, it was hard to transition to UFV. I missed the community that I had at Columbia and I missed the atmosphere of the classes as well. However, through CBC I felt I had a strong enough of a foundation to make the best of UFV. I am in my third year now of my degree and things are going really well.

We hear you have special plans for next semester?

So next semester I will actually be studying abroad in Switzerland! Through the international studies department at UFV I have been accepted to go to one of their partner schools for a semester. I will be studying at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art, School of Business. My husband and I will be going together as he is Swiss so we are very excited to experience 6 months of traveling, going on lots of adventures and being with his family.

What do you hope to do in the future?

My plans for the future is to first graduate with my degree at UFV and then pursue getting my CPA designation (Chartered Professional Accountant). After graduating I am going to start up an accounting business with my dad where we will help out non for-profits and churches. Basically when I have graduated I want to start helping people.