Rock, Faith & Pop Culture Class: Raelle’s Take-Aways

Categories: Student Stories

Raelle is in her third year in the Worship Arts degree program. She recently took Columbia’s IDIS 374: Rock, Faith, & Pop Culture class, co-taught by Erv Klassen & Worship Arts director Stacey Gleddiesmith. Rock, Faith, & Pop Culture is open to all Columbia students who have completed 60 hours of college credit. Here Raelle shares her experience in this class.

What did you appreciate the most about Rock, Faith, & Pop Culture?

I enjoyed learning about the development of Rock and Roll and the many genres and styles that it encompasses, and gaining greater appreciation for a broader scope of music.

What assignment did you enjoy most?

I appreciated the Album Exegesis assignment. I remember when I got the syllabus for the class, that assignment seemed daunting, and I did not know where to start or how it would even be possible to exegete an album; however, the album I chose (Tracy Chapman by Tracy Chapman) was so full of significance and meaning at such a great depth, that it just seemed to come alive as I listened to the album on repeat and sought to understand it better. I gained so much from the assignment, and while it was not easy, I would willingly do it again.

What are you taking away from the class?

One of the most significant things that I have taken from the class is something that all of my Worship Arts classes have implied or built into. That is, music has the power to move across culture, religion, gender, and so so much more. It is a mode of expression and a way that we can live out our identity as image-bearers of God. Music (and I mean “Christian” music, Blues, Soul, Grunge, Heavy Metal, and everything in between) has the power to elicit and express in a ways that words can so often fail to do so, and music can be used as a tool to break down barriers of hostility and division. These are, in my opinion, integral aspects of what we as Christians should be doing in this world.

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