Sarah & Jessica: How We’re Adjusting to Life in Uganda

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Jessica Funk and Sarah Rozendal are ICS students who have just started their third-year internships working with Watoto Ministries in Uganda, Africa. Here’s a fun look at how they’re adjusting to all the differences – little and big – between life here in BC and life in Uganda.

Our first few weeks in Uganda!

With almost three weeks of living in Uganda under our belts, we thought we’d share a few things about living in Uganda and how we have been adjusting to life here!

STAY OFF THE GRASS – Did you know it is illegal to walk on the grass in Kampala?  We found out the hard way… jk. We are law-abiding citizens.

JUST GO WITH THE FLOW – The people here run on “Island Time”, in other words, if a bus is suppose to leave at 7:00am, it’s actually leaving at 7:30am. Or 8:00am. Well, most likely 9:00am.


MOM, WE’VE CHANGED OUR NAMES – We now both go by “Muzungu” or “White Person.”  As we drive through the city we often hear people saying our new name!

TRAFFIC JAM – We’re pretty sure there’s only one traffic light in Kampala… if there is any confusion, just remember, you have the right of way. Unless you’re a pedestrian… than stay off the road. And if there’s any space, just go for it… make your vehicle fit. But it’s totally safe mom!

WE FEEL LIKE A MILLION BUCKS – Yet we’re poorer than we think. With the change in currency our $400 USD became 1 million shillings!

ROLEX – this week we invested in two Rolexes…. and no, not the watch, but rather a delicious breakfast wrap, Ugandan style!

With less than three weeks living here, the red dirt has already stained both our feet and our hearts.


With love,

Sarah Rozendal and Jessica Funk ♥