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By Jared Klassen (’11)

“Community” is one of Columbia’s favourite buzz-words. While it can be easy to throw the word around and risk robbing the term of its value, it is a popular word on campus for good reason: community is a chance to support, challenge, spur on, and demonstrate that you care for one another.

I recently started an initiative with a few friends here in Ottawa to show that this city is a caring community. “Soup Ottawa” invites people to share their ideas of how they want to make Ottawa a better place for the people
that live here. We’ve organized quarterly evening events as a platform for people from the community to showcase these ideas.

Everyone is welcome to attend the event to support, encourage, and even fund these initiatives: $10 at the door gets you a chance to interact with the 6 presenters and other creative people while enjoying a tasty bowl of soup (because we all know great ideas are best shared over a meal!). At the end of the evening, everyone votes – with their spoon – on which idea they liked the most. The project with the most votes is awarded 100% of the money collected at the door. Our first event in May had 97 people attend, so $970 was given to a group who wanted to start a street-art project for kids and teenagers in their neighbourhood to take pride in their community and make it beautiful.

The truth is, we’re all looking for a place to belong in one way or another. In an age where you may know more about your neighbours through Facebook and Twitter than face-to-face interactions, many people are trying to find more meaningful ways to get connected with the community that surrounds them. We found Soup Ottawa to be a practical way for people to get involved, show that they care, and directly support ideas that make their community a better place.
A sold out crowd in May 2013 ate Grounded soup at Hub Ottawa and raised $970 for a local charity.

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Jared Klassen Originally from Abbotsford, Jared Klassen graduated in 2011 with a BA in Biblical Studies, Community Development Emphasis and was 2010/11 Student Council President. Jared has worked with several community development agencies including MB Mission and Mennonite Central Committee. He now works with non-profit agencies in Ottawa, Ontario.

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