Spirituality in the busyness of life

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busyness“I’m busy”

Bible College students know this phrase oh so well! Much time is spent anticipating when busyness will end – finished assignments, weekends, or the end of the semester give windows for rest or a change of pace. And it can be in the windows of rest that students reconnect with God. It’s true, less busyness can be good for the soul.

Yet as life goes on, students also need to learn how busyness doesn’t always follow the pattern of semester life. Jobs, family, and general life responsibilities can produce a busyness, that when it comes to spirituality, make a life-long connection to God very difficult. In light of this reality, Praxis students are challenged to explore spirituality in the midst of a busy culture – vibrant spirituality in the busyness of life.

panoramicInstead of waiting for busyness to end, a recent retreat at the Mark Centre (Abbotsford, BC), challenged Praxis students to incorporate a rhythm of rest in the midst of the busyness. Mark Centre director, Steve Klassen, led students through a series of reflective practices centered on Scripture, paying attention, and discerning God’s voice in community. To counter our busyness, Steve taught, we need to create space away from distractions which allows us to reconnect with God. The impact on students was clear:

  • “If there is one thing that I got out of that day, it is that I can rely on God.” (Emily)
  • “I felt like I was in a safe place and it was comforting to be surrounded by people that I felt I could trust and count on.” (Jacob)
  • “I found this time to have an atmosphere of simplicity that I had somehow lost in the midst of bible college. It helped me to rediscover the basics of my faith, the awesomeness of God, and his great love for me demonstrated through Jesus.” (Cassidy)

Simplicity. Reliance on God. Supportive community. These ways in which Praxis students are learning to connect with God and one another are the types of experiences that can develop a sustained faith in God, busyness and all.