Three Things You can Do with a Praxis Certificate

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Students (and parents!) often ask, “What can you do with a Praxis certificate?” Besides the overall experience of personal growth, I find myself pointing to Praxis alumni as examples for how the program fits into someone’s life direction. Some students have returned to Columbia, others have gone on to success in university or other schooling, and some have entered the workforce.

Here’s a few examples of what Praxis will get you:

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Dexter Volkman (Praxis '14)
Dexter Volkman (Praxis ’14)

As a first-year program, Praxis credits transfer directly into all other Columbia programs. Dexter Volkman (Praxis ’14), for example, transferred into the Intercultural Studies program. This has given him a chance to pursue training to further his passion for social justice. Another student, Sarah Thompson (Praxis ’15) is taking her call to care for others and transferring into the Caregiving Counseling program. Sarah reflects, “Praxis prepared me for pursuing what I love by helping me better understand my faith and passions”


Beyond offering credit transfer to other institutions (see here), Praxis prepares students well for the demands of university both academically and experientially. Olivia Baker (Praxis ’14), currently a student UFV, notices the impact of Praxis in her development to think critically:

“The range of issues we discussed and reflected on in Praxis has helped me in my critical thinking in university and the many issues I have faced in classes. I am equipped to respond to challenges and find myself constantly bringing in themes from Praxis.”

Similarly, Emilie Neudorf is studying sociology at the UofS and has experienced the benefits of cultural engagement in Praxis to her educational experience:

“There are so many themes we learned about in Praxis that apply directly to my classes. just last week I wrote a term paper and was able to draw from my experience at Jacob’s Well in talking about the implications of marginalization and inequality. What we experienced in Praxis really illustrates the concepts that I’m learning in sociology.”


For some students, full-time work has followed Praxis. And along with relational development and volunteer experience that is an asset to future employment (Praxis activities look good on a resume!), Praxis has impacted students’ engagement with work and the workplace. For example, Harrison Rowland is a barista and explains the impact of Praxis on his work:

“I have seen myself take more of an interest in those around me and I am quicker to take a risk in investing in others as they come in. Praxis has also left me with an openness towards others, particularly complete strangers, in regards to my personal life and has led to some great conversations.”

Overall, whether it’s further education or entering the workforce, Praxis equips students for an ongoing faith and cultural engagement that extends far beyond the program itself.

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