Top Five Moments from Today’s Chapel

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Columbia Chapel Top 5

Every Thursday morning at 10 AM, classes stop.  Staff step away from their desks.  We gather for chapel: a time to worship together, be encouraged together, pray together, and laugh together.

All that happened in today’s chapel – especially the laughing part.  It was a chapel full of great moments!  Here, in no particular order, are the Top 5.

Columbia Chapel

#1 – The Big Presidential Announcement

When you get elected to be next year’s Student Council President because you’re the only one who ran, it’s good if you don’t take yourself too seriously.  Oliver Parsons proved just that with a masterful announcement of his impending Presidency.  #theelectionmusthavebeenrigged.

Columbia Chapel Top 5

#2 – Katelyn Valgardson explaining her artwork.

Katelyn painted this incredible piece as a reflection on Psalm 46. Not only did we get to appreciate her canvas during the worship time, we also got to hear Katelyn explain it to us in a totally down-to-earth, passionate way, complete with awesome sound effects and hand gestures.


#3 – Words of Wisdom

Columbia Alumni Kathleen Doll, Alex Dixon , and Greg Harris shared some of their most life-changing moments at CBC and some of their best advice for students.

Most interesting insights? Not one of them came to Columbia with everything figured out. All three of them changed their program and focus at least once. Each of them is now doing something they absolutely love, that’s building the Kingdom. All three say that it’s never too soon to start serving God and people.

Columbia Chapel Top 5

#4 – Greg Harris admitting his first paper at Columbia landed him a 45%.

Today, he’s a teaching associate pastor at Northview Community Church. How you start is not always how you finish, people. Be encouraged.

Columbia Chapel Top 5

#5 – Red Shoes

Apparently, growing up and graduating doesn’t keep you from wearing fun sneaks.