We Have a Library! (Here’s why you should hang out there.)

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OK. So at this point in the semester, you might be feeling like this guy.  It’s crunch time. Due dates are looming. Try not to panic.

This is a good time to remind you that Columbia has an awesome library. And as a fine member of the Columbia community, you have access to some pretty great library things.

Great Library Thing #1: E-Books & E-Articles.  The doorway to these amazing resources is here, on the library website.  You will find these especially usefully at 2 AM, when the library is closed and you are in your pyjamas.


Great Library Thing #2: Online Research Guides.  These recommend the best databases by subject, provide research tips and show you how to properly cite and manage your sources.  (Which you may have noticed is something your instructors care a lot about.)  There’s even a whole guide dedicated to Greek!  (Because who doesn’t need help with Greek?)


Some great things in the library actually require you to go there.  It’s on the second floor of the Resource Centre building.  (But you knew that, right?  Right.)

Maybe you are one of those people who loves to take your laptop to the coffee shop.  Definite advantages to a coffee shop.  Occasionally good music, a friendly vibe, and you come out smelling like espresso. But you should give the library a try too.  Why?

Great Library Thing #3: Group Study Rooms


Coffee shops don’t always like it when you hang out there for five hours working on a group project.  The library, on the other hand, encourages it.  Plus, group study rooms have DVD players, free wifi, and whiteboards for mind-mapping (yes, that’s a thing) and writing out the 13 Stages of the Old Testament and such.

Great Library Thing #4: Keurig Coffee for $1.50


Sometimes the caf is closed, and you need caffeine.  Sometimes you are in the zone, and leaving the library would ruin your concentration.  Also, you would run the risk of bumping into friends and being tempted to take a long break.  Don’t do it.  Just make yourself a nice Keurig cup and stay in the paper-slaying zone.

Great Library Thing #5: Friendly Human Beings with Research Skills


This is Joy. She’s part of the library staff team, who get paid to help you when you need it.  There are times when Wikipedia will not cut it.  These research experts will point you in the right direction. They might even know of just the book you don’t realize exists that will give you exactly the chapter you need to get an A on your next paper.

You can also get help from these helpful humans by phone, email, or Twitter.

See you in the stacks.